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Celebrate Good Times -Come On! book The Fun Unlimited Mobile Disco and don't be a Big Spender for your Wedding and the put Fun, Fun , Fun into the end of your Perfect Day.

Usually, the first question most couples consider is whom to invite - a tricky one! The next most important question is how best to entertain your guests. The Fun Unlimited Mobile Disco promise to bring A Kind Of Magic to your wedding, giving you complete peace of mind with confidence. The Fun Unlimited Mobile Disco will guarantee that you will be Wonderful Tonight and as a result, hope you will recommend our services to others... Always & Forever.

We help you to Step Back In Time and create a 'live performance experience' with the best Karaoke event in town. Originating in Japan, the KARAOKE ('Kara - Okesutora' - empty orchestra), allows you to sing a vast range of songs without an orchestra, but with professionally produced backing tracks. Karaoke has now taken off in a big way in the United Kingdom and even more so with the huge popularity of television shows such as 'Pop Stars' and the 'X-Factor', where people dream of being the next singing sensation and performing in front of adoring multi-millions, making it a Night To Remember!

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